Pet Grooming Machine


Product Description:

  • Compared with traditional ones, the advantage is that our pet grooming machine has a vacuum function with suction power up to 13kpa. When trimming and combing hair, it can capture 99.99% of the hair in the suction cup and the hair will not stick to the clothes. With no secondary cleaning required, this allows you to say goodbye to hair-covered furniture and welcome a clean, hair-free home.
  • Application: Small Animals
  • Grooming Products Type: Grooming Tables & Accessories
  • Function: Dry Hair
  • Size: 19.68*17.71*19.68Inch
  • Feature: Sustainable
  • Usage: Dry
  • Suitable for: Dogs Cats Animals
  • Weight: 14.33 pounds
  • Includes: 1 Pet Grooming Machine & Brush